IonFlux Automated Patch Clamp Systems

Industry Leading Flexibility and Performance in High Throughput Patch Clamp Assays

For more than a decade, automated patch clamp devices have enhanced our understanding of ion channels activities in the brain, heart and other excitable systems.
The automation and speed provided by these systems have made them indispensable tools in ion channel drug discovery. However, for most systems, higher speed came at a price: Inflexible and limited assays, lower quality data points and limited liquid handling to name a few. IonFlux systems from Fluxion Biosciences have been designed to leverage the power of enhanced microfluidics in circumventing the limitations found with performing complicated ion channel assays. With unique benefits such as in-plate liquid exchange, continuous solution flow and physiological temperature control, high throughput ion channel recordings are possible without any sacrifice in performance and data quality.


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