IonFlux Plates

Unique in-plate liquid handling, patching and recording

The IonFlux plate design on the cover of Assay and Drug Development Technologies in 2012.

IonFlux use a unique plate design that allows for all fluid activity to be conducted within the recording plate proper. Using flexible and user controlled pneumatic system, IonFlux provide high speed liquid exchange, continuous solution flow, and drug delivery without the use of an external liquid handler. The in-plate movement of solutions cancels typical ion channel assays problems such as stacking related drug cross contamination. The continuous flow system alleviates assays with slow acting or sticky compounds.

S i m p l e Y e t I n t u i t i v e P l a t e D e s i g n

IonFlux Plates are microfluidic devices used exclusively in the IonFlux System for automated patch clamp assays. They are integrated into SBS-standard well plate formats for convenience and compatibility with automated liquid handling instrumentation. Multiple plate formats are available which correspond to the IonFlux system configuration. Each well on the plate has a dedicated function as either a compound well, cell trapping well, cell inlet or cell outlet well.

Plates are divided into experimental patterns. Each pattern contains specified wells:

  • TWO Independent Trapping wells: These wells would contain intracellular solutions

  • Cell Inlet well: This well would contain the prepared cells in extracellular solution

  • Cell Outlet well: Acts as a waste well for the pattern

  • EIGHT independent compound wells: These wells would contain any combination of different compound solutions or dose response concentration gradient of the same compound. IonFlux software provides full control over these compound wells release and timing.

well plate diagram.jpg

Plate Fomats

IonFlux plates come in two different standard designs, 96 well plates for use with all IonFlux system having 16 amplifiers and 384 well plates for use with all IonFlux systems with 64 amplifiers.

IF 96-well Layouts.jpg

96 Well Plate

Used with IonFlux Mercury 16

IF 384well Layouts.jpg

384 Well Plate

Used with IonFlux Mercury HT

S i n g l e C e l l o r E n s e m b l e R e c o r d i n g s

IonFlux plates come in two different cell trapping and recording designs:

  • Single Cells: Using whole cell patch clamp technique and achieving giga-ohm seal recordings, IonFlux single cell plates are perfect for specialized assays requiring complete voltage/current control of an independent cell, mimicking manual patch clamp conditions while providing automated systems flexibility.

  • Ensemble cells: Just like single cell plates, ensemble plates also use whole cell patch clamp techniques but now with 20 cells in parallels setting a standard for consistency and throughput All IonFlux instruments can use either plate design with no hardware modifications.



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