IonFlux Plates

Unique in-plate liquid handling, patching and recording

IonFlux use a unique plate design that allows for all fluid activity to be conducted within the recording plate proper. Using flexible and user controlled pneumatic system, IonFlux provide high speed liquid exchange, continuous solution flow, and drug delivery without the use of an external liquid handler. The in-plate movement of solutions cancels typical ion channel assays problems such as stacking related drug cross contamination. The continuous flow system alleviates assays with slow acting or sticky compounds.

The IonFlux plate design on the cover of Assay and Drug Development Technologies in 2012.


Key Features:

  • SBS 96 and 384 standard design
  • Compatible with most automated pipetters and liquid handlers
  • Can be partially used for assay development sessions
  • Come in single cell and 20 cell ensemble format


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