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Cell Microsystems Acquires Fluxion Biosciences to Broaden Cell Analysis Product and Services Portfolio. Read the Press Release

At Fluxion, we’re passionate about delivering cell-based solutions that facilitate the transformation of research discoveries into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. By characterizing molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, Fluxion’s platforms help bridge the translational medicine gap, enabling rapid advances in disease research, drug discovery, and the development of diagnostic tests.

Automated Patch Clamp

IonFlux Mercury 16

Patch Clamp Automation at the Price of Manual

Your new lab partner

IonFlux Mercury 16 makes automated patch clamp recordings easier and more affordable than ever! Features include 16 parallel recordings using 16 independent amplifiers, remote and touch screen experiment execution, compact "plate reader" footprint, highly extended recording times, exceptionally fast fluid exchange, standardized temperature control, and optional current clamp. IonFlux Mercury 16 is the most advanced yet affordable high throughput automated patch clamp instrument on the market.

Mercury Shadow-1-1


16 independent recordings

8 parallel & independent experiments.

SBS Standard 96 well Plates. 144 data points per plate

Flexible synchronous assays

Continuous flow of solutions and compounds with integrated wash steps for maximum assay stability

In-plate fast solution exchange without the need for compound pipette stacking

Single cell giga-ohm seal recordings and
ensemble recordings (20 cells) with no artificial averaging

Integrated temperature control (ambient to
40 degrees). Available cooling system.

Independent cell source for multiple cell types screening at the same time (up to 8)

Touch screen operation and integrated software for assay development and analysis

Compatibility with XLFit templates for automatic IC/EC50 reporting

Optional current clamp

Upgradable to InFlux Mercury HT


700 Data points per hour

Customer Spotlight

Investigating Potent Blockers of TRPM8

IonFlux 16 was used in a recent study aiming to discover novel TRPM8 channel block using automated patch clamp combined with ligand-based virtual screening.  

Farhad Jahanfar
Customer Spotlight

Predicting Unwanted Drug/Heart Interactions with Artificial Intelligence

IonFlux 16 technology was featured in a recent Nature Scientific Reports article describing a study about predicting hERG-induced cardiotoxicity using advanced computational modeling of drug/receptor interaction.


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