Nicotinic Receptors Investigated Using a Next Generation Automated Patch Clamp System


Juliette Johnson, Nianzhen Li, Qin Chen, Tanner Nevill, C. Ian Spencer*, Steve Smith, Cristian Ionescu-Zanetti
Fluxion Biosciences, South San Francisco, CA; *Gladstone Institute, San Francisco, CA


A number of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) are being actively used as ion channel drug targets. These measurements pose unique challenges for automated patch clamp instrumentation. This is due to the fast kinetics of a number of nAChR ion channel types, as well as the need to limit the agonist exposure time across a large number of parallel recordings in order to control desensitization.
In this study we present data relating to the fast recovery from desensitization that, for a next generation automated patch clamp platform, is mediated by continuous flow and microfluidic compound delivery. EC50 data for known agonists will be presented, along with reference compound data.


NIcotinic Receptors.jpg