Enhanced solution flow control improves accuracy and precision of ligand-induced current responses of Acetylcholine and GABA receptors.


Comprehensive studies of ligand-gated receptors depend on reliable, accurate and repetitive responses of said receptors to the co-applications of agonists. If liquid exchange is not precise and complete, receptor desensitization will ultimately act as the limiting factor in an assay. Even with the implementation of microfluidics, precise control of fluidic exchange while applying continuous solutions flow has not been implemented in most automated patch clamp systems. Here we present a new flow control technology implementation for the IonFlux Mercury continuous-flow automated patch clamp system. Advanced flow control allows precise addition of ligand at exact intervals with extremely limited diffusional mixing, improving the data quality of receptor modulation studies. We demonstrate the effect on recovery from desensitization of nACh receptors (TE671 & alpha7) as well as repetitive and serial activation of GABA receptors.