IonFlux Family

High Throughput Ion Channels Assays with No Compromise

IonFlux provides the highest degree of control over fluidics for specialized ion channel assays. With its unique microfluidic plates, IonFlux is the only system where all cell recordings and liquid exchange are performed within the plate proper. Without the hindrance of liquid handlers, the system advances high throughput ion channel experiments by providing unique attributes that permit specialized assays, impossible or impractical using other asynchronous systems:

  1. Parallel and rapid exchange of solution
  2. Continuous flow of extracellular solutions and compound throughout the whole experiment.
  3. High Quality recordings from 16 or 64 amplifier channels
  4. Available temperature control with positive feedback

The specialized characteristics related to its unique liquid exchange permits IonFlux to perform ligand binding, allosteric modulation, multiple agonists, and voltage- and temperature-sensitive assays with flexibility and ease. Complex ligand-gated assays, requiring serial exchange of solutions, can now be screened at the same speed and ease as voltage-gated assays.




IonFlux 16 and IonFlux 16 Classic

The most affordable line of automated patch clamp system on the market

For the same price as a single channel manual patch clamp setup, IonFlux 16 comes with:

  • 16 independent amplifiers
  • Optional temperature control
  • Fully integrated software and hardware.

IonFlux 16 Classic is a simplified version providing even more cost savings with minimal sacrifice in capabilities.

IonFlux HT

The most advanced high throughput automated patch clamp system for flow dependent assays

The IonFlux HT takes all the technology of the IonFlux 16 and multiplies the throughput by 4. With 64 amplifiers, continuous flow and extremely flexible liquid exchange, the IonFlux HT can sometimes be the only means to achieve higher throughput with extremely complicated flow centric ion channel assays.

IonFlux Mercury

IonFlux Mercury represents the next generation in the IonFlux automated patch clamp system. The new system adds features such as remote and touch screen experiment execution, highly extended recording times, new streamlined fluid exchange system, standardized temperature control, and integrated current clamp. IonFlux Mercury is most compact yet full featured stand-alone high throughput automated patch clamp instrument on the market.


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